ASSA Members at the gate The Moon Pretoria before sunrise The Union Buildings Johan and the Bennett Bennett scope setup Brave Astronomers Pretoria just before sunrise Percy and his 10 The Bennett setup as a projection scope The Bennett setup Belt of Venus above Klapperkop Memorial at Klapperkop After sunup Johan Moolman's camera Planetarium website The Sun is showing its face Sunrise and Venus is visible! First view of Venus on left side of the sun Venus visible Sun distorted due to pollution Venus can be clearly seen Venus visible Sun is rising - Venus still visible Venus is stll visible Venus still visible Magnified sun with Venus Venus is slowly moving off the sun's face Venus is nearly off the sun's disk Venus dissappearing Venus just visible Maginfied view Venus gone Enhanced and cropped view showing Venus Projection box with Bennett scope Sun's projected view Sun's projected view SLOOH website Google image SLOOH view SLOOH view Another SLOOH view Yet another Venus on the sun's disk - SLOOH view
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