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Laser Safety

Laser safety rules and guidelines applicable to ASSA Pretoria Centre events

  • ASSA Pretoria reserves the right to control the use of laser pointers at their events.
  • Only registered laser pointers, up to a maximum of 20mW output, will be allowed.

The following ‘best practices’ will apply at events:

  • Laser pointers should only be used by experienced astronomers.
  • Do not point at people, aircraft or animals
  • Keep a suitable distance from the audience
  • Warn the audience not to look directly at the laser pointer.
  • The area around the user must be clear of obstacles
  • Avoid pointing at surfaces that can give specular reflections
  • Minimize the use of laser pointers (do not play)
  • Do not allow children to operate laser pointers
  • Do not use mechanisms that keep the pointer switched on.
  • Laser pointers belonging to users not adhering to these rules may be confiscated (the laser will be returned after the end of the event), and/or the offender may be barred from participating further.

The following “good manners” are advised:

  • Be considerate of others.
  • Laser pointers do ruin your eye’s dark adaption. Someone may be busy with serious observations and will prefer not to have a laser pointer shining in the area that they are observing.
  • Someone may be doing long exposure photography. A laser pointer shining in the target area can spoil a lot of work.
  • To avoid inconveniencing your fellow astronomers, warn everyone before you use your laser pointer.
  • Wait until everyone agrees that it is appropriate to use the pointer.
  • The same principles applies to any form of lighting (torches, cameras, cell phones, etc).

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Outcomes of the Laser Safety Workshop held at the 2010 symposium

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